Rose Inn 3x2mile Relays 6th September Results

Despite the heavy rain and rather windy conditions, everyone enjoyed the event. There were 40 Teams.

A big well done to San Domenico who organized the event, in a time where it is getting more and more difficult to arrange quality races.

It is hoped that the organizes of the Rose Inn will take over the event next year and run it along side the popular 4 mile Rose Inn series.

The first leg was 2.05 miles the second and third leg 1.95 miles 

We had two Teams one ladies and one mixed, Ceri-Anne run with Kyle and his friend.

Andy Davies 13.29, Stephanie Davies 15,13, Laurence Pole 11.58 (Mixed) 20th Team 3rd Mixed

Trish Pritchard 15.10, Kristie Oconnell 13.38, Fiona Davies 13.34 (Ladies) 29th Team

Dale Loveridge 14.32, Kyle Davies 12.53, Ceri-Anne Davies 13.59 (mixed) 25th Team