Club Handicap Races

On the last Thursday of every month, the club holds a handicap race which is open to anyone wishing to take part.

The race starts at 6:30pm outside the ponty lido and goes round the park in anticlockwise direction 4 times (approx 3.5 miles).

The race features a staggered start in order of slowest to fastest runners, the timings of when each runner begins is confirmed on the evening. The idea is here that all runners should finish at roughly the same time.

Winners of this race are those who make the biggest improvements from each race to the next, so there is plenty of opportunities for anyone to win to matter what speed they run.

The prize for winning the race is a large club trophy and a small individual keepsake, see the Past Handicap Race Results for previous winners and pictures of the awards.

If you would like to take part in the handicap race then just keep an eye out in our Facebook groups where a post will be added near the time of the next race asking for confirmation for who will be attending. This makes it easier for the organiser to work out each participants starting times before the race start.

Best 5/12 result count towards the overall standings.

Below is the old route that we will go back to when the roadworks are finished

Route Description (Currently unable to use due to engineering works)

Pontypridd Park is current route

The current handicap course starts outside the changing rooms on the playing fields on the Treforest Industrial Estate, you then run down the estate and right through Taffs Well on the main road, then looping in front of Taffs Well train station through the industrial estate until the top of the rise and dropping onto the trail which takes you past Taffs Well Rugby pitch, the trail then takes you all the way back to the Treforest Industrial Estate, you then turn left and run back up the estate finishing at the bus shelter opposite the Pottery pub.

Total Distance: approx 5.25 miles (8.5km)

Route Map


PR Route – Handicap