Pentyrch Hill Race Results

There were 133 finishers.

pentyrch hill race results 2012

Having seen the results it seems difficult to work out who was where in the results, between the main race and the regional results. On the night Peter took Gold and Nick took Silver in the vet40+and for the ladies Ceri-Anne had Bronze 40+ (Yet in the results Ceri is 2nd and Jan 3rd)

I have to say a special well done to Stephanie Davies Under 20w, When I asked if there was anything for the under 20w I was told there were only two racing in the age category and I will see if we have enough mugs, Steph had a big battle with the other u20w both passing each other on numerous occasions, Steph managed to pull away in the last mile and won by 25secs, so despite all the different age categories in the race this was probaly the closest to be contested. Which I certainly think should of been recognised on the night and after all the category was advertised. (off my soap box!! yes Steph’s my daughter but it stands  everyone, if you advertise an age category you should honour it never mind how many are running)

 Well done to everyone who took part, a special mention to Gareth Green of San Domenico who came second and was only just behind the winner and this was after running the London Marathon only two days before in 2hrs 48. 

Peter Coles 1st Vet 40 6th 49.30, Nick Frost 1st Vet 50 51.57, Rhodri Evans 14th 53.49, Gwyn Lloyd 44th 60.04, Carl Edwards 70th 63.23, Alex sebury 73rd 63.48, Ceri Anne Davies 78th 64.24, Andy Davies 91st 65.55, Justin Jones 97th 67.38, Jan Edwards 99th 68.42, Stephanie Davies 110th 73.14.

After heavy rain all day, most were wondering if this would be called off.

It went ahead and conditions turned out to be ok.  

Club roll of honour- Past winners Harry Day 1986 and Chris Purt in 2002

They only do vet 40+ men and women and junior 18 to 20

After the foot and mouth in 2001 the course was changed.

Vet 40+  Winners 1990 John Pointon 51.57, 1992 Brian Worley 57.13, 1994 John Pointon 53.11, 1995 John Pointon 53.58, 1996 Dave Jones 51.27, 2004 Peter Coles 48.09, 2005 Peter Coles 47.55,  2006 Peter Coles 48.18, 2007 Peter Coles 48.09, 2008 Peter Coles 48.16, 2009 Peter Coles 47.59, 2010 Peter Coles  47.19, 2012 Peter Coles


1993 R Howells 66.07, 2003 Daniel James 56.26, 2010 Daniel Bodman 52.27, 2011 Daniel Bodman 47.28.

Vet women

2003 Anne Follan 58.26, 2005 Ann Evans 57.30