London Marathon 22nd April 2012

Well done to everyone who took part, hopefully the pain will disappear soon, we had eight Roadents taking part.

Julian Davies  halfway 1-29-00 finish 3-06-47, Richard Day halfway 1-50-06 finish 3-43-22, Nick Pounder halfway 1-49-35 finish 3-48-24, Bernadette Jones halfway-2-04-56 finish 4hrs 24-24, Lee Sutherland halfway 2-01-11 finish 4-26-21, Debbie Otley halfway 2-01-18 finish 4-29-21,Elaine Sutherland halfway 2-20-01 finish 4-52-45, Helen Welch halfway 2-33-20 finish 5-14-48.

(Kelly Morgan halfway 1-26-01 finish 3-01-45) 

If I have missed anyone please leave a comment thank you.