Nos Galan 5k 2012

Another great race with over 1300 runners taking part across all the races.

In the elite race there were 131 finishers, Kyle Davies took part in his first serious 5k and finished in 37th 18.11 not to far behind was Clara Evans 42nd 18.30 and Darren Bishop 44th 18.35, Julian Davies 56th 19.02 put in a good performance chasing his son Kyle.  Kyles friend Liam Hatch 76th 20.13 who was running well in the early stages slipped back with stomach cramps.

Anthony Cullnaine 73rd 19.55 still on the comeback trail also ran well.

The Denny boys probably upset some of the runners as they passed them in fancy dress, that said Will 87th 20.40 lead the way with Nick 99th 20.58 a short distance behind.

Elite Results

There were 662 finishers in the main race

In the main race Carl Edwards 56th 22.13 and Andy Davies 51st 22.05 had a big battle, passing each other several times during the race it was Andy who had to depend on his sprint finish to overcome the mighty Carl and reversing the order from the day before.

Ceri-Anne Davies 68th 22.32 dressed in fancy dress pushed through the field towards the end and was only eight seconds off the 2nd lady, Claire Cowell (think the names right) had a good run 87th 23.04 followed by Jan Edwards who has had an excellent year especially in the longer runs, Jan showed good strength to finish in 93rd 23.08, Nick Pounder 100th 23.23 dressed in fancy dress and pushed on through the field towards the end, Stephanie Davies 148th was 1st Junior lady in the main race and Sheryl Rakei 156th 24.17 was a short distance behind.

Main Race Results