Maggots Trails

Hiya Everyone

 Ok this is a new feature and it will get bigger.


  • Information on Sunday Runs
  • Get more people running on Sunday
  • Invite runners from other clubs to join in
  • Take pleasure from running in Wales
  • Comradeship and friendly banter

The above is just a short list of objectives.

I am very passionate about the “Sunday runs”, it’s more than putting the trainers on and doing 2 hours or more.  It is also more than the big mileage run, it is what you see, hear, feel and taste (especially at Broken Pipe) the combination makes the run.  I have good friends at the Roadents and we have a good gossip when on the run, putting the world to rights, sport, etc, the fabled Steve Segal interviews are usually carried out up hill!. 

Each course has its own little quirke (if that is the right word), from a little nasty hill or a special focal point, but what is always consistant are the views we see.

So this brings me nicely to what Maggot Trails is all about, I run a different course every Sunday where possible, take pictures, add descriptions and directions, try to add Garmin data and generally write something witty and interesting about them.

What I ask you to do is to read the trails I put on here and if you fancy it, try one out for yourself or join me on a run and enjoy what will come before you.  I can’t think of anything better to do on a Sunday morning, it really sets you up for the day.

All the best


The Maggot