Club Race Results

Park Run Cardiff 6th February 2010

182 finishers

Stephanie Davies 73rd 22.41, Sharon Phillips 79th 23.O7, Andy Davies 86th 23.33.

————————————– ——– 

Park Run 5k Cardiff 2nd Jan 2010

Leigh Hiscox 2nd 17.36, Andy Davies 22.08,

Stephanie Davies 22.52, Jayne Nuttall 25.00


Park Run 5k Cardiff 19th December 2009

132 finishers

Steve Pritchard 4th 17.34 ( excellent 21secs pb)

Steve Hooper 8th 18.18 8 sec pb

Andy Davies 51st 22.10

Stephanie Davies 69th 23.28


Merthyr Mawr Xmas Pudding Race 13th December 2009

There were 617 finishers

We had 12 Roadents taking part, first Roadent Home was Jason Scanlon 12th in 39.28 he was followed by

Rhodri Evans 40th 42.52, Richard Day 120th 47.56, Nick Pounder 158th 50.03, Andy Dunscombe 167th 50.36, Warren Tilke 209th 52.54, Ben Hannigan 212th 53.03, Sharon Phillips 249th 54.40, Rob Phillips 289th 56.59, Debbie Otley 335th 59.26, Debra 346th 60.03.



Park Run 5k Cardiff Race 96 12th December 2009

99 finishers

Andy Davies 33rd 21.43,

Stephanie Davies 49th 22.48

Steph has now taken a clear lead in the ladies points league.


Gwent League Taunton 6th December 2009


  1. Well done to the Roadents, a good turn out considering the distance, bit of a pity we did not have any Ladies running.
    Peter lead the way, followed by Frostie, Jason, Leigh, Steve Pritchard (good run), Sonny (overtook me on the last lap, little sod), Andrew (disappointed with himself), Rhodri, Steve Hooper, Phil Meyler (he’s like a duracell battery, he just keeps going)and Richard Day (welcome to the team, but you must stop talking and concentrate on the running).
















Park Run 5k Cardiff 5th December 2009

114 finishers

Andy Davies 65th 22.46

Stephanie Davies 68th 23.35

Stephanie is now joint top on points in the  Ladies points League.




Park Run 5k Cardiff 28th November 2009

130 finishers

Andy Davies 85th 23.10

Stephanie Davies 86th 23.13


Sospan 10 mile multi terrain 22nd November 2009

358 finishers

Good to see some new and old faces racing on this very

tough course. We had 12 Roadents taking part, first

Roadent home was,


Rhodri Evans 43rd in 69.20 followed by Lee Davies 66th 73.08.

Mark Jones 95th 76.33, Richard Day 100th 76.58,

Nick Pounder 105th 77.30, Neil Williams 115th 78.02,

Rob Phillips 214th 87.56.


Kelly Morgan 67th and 4th lady 73.25, Sharon Phillips 142nd

81.27, Anne Follan 228th 89.13, Debbie Otley 241st 90.32,

Debra Jones 267th 93.51.


Elan Valley 10 mile Road Race 21st November 2009

131 finishers

Kelly Morgan 71.02 19th and 2nd Lady


Cardiff Park run 5k Race 93 21st Nov. 2009

138 finishers

Stephanie Davies 76th 23.20

Andy Davies 77th 23.23


Cardiff Park Run 5k Race 92 14th Nov. 2009

Steve Hooper 13th 18.39, Rhodri Evans 14th 18.46 new pb,

Stephanie Davies 66th 23.14


Gwent League Bath 8th November 2009

Mens Race-329 finishers

A Team

Peter Coles 34th 35.17, Leigh Hiscox 64th 37.03,

Andy Baker 88th 38.11, Sonny Davies 99th 38.31,

Rhodri Evans 125th 39.41

B Team

Steve Hooper 128th 39.46, Lee Davies 206th 43.21,

Phil Meyler 216th 43.51, CoCo 258th 46.50.

Ladies Race

166 finishers

Kelly Morgan 61st 23.33, Anne Follan 119th 26.28.



Cardiff Park Run 90 31st October 2009

141 finishers

Steve Hooper 17th 19.07,

Stephanie Davies 73rd 23.39,



Torfaen Half Marathon 25th October 2009

383 finishers

Richard Day 84th 1-31-37, Rob Ford 127th 1-36-56,

Dean Birt 136th1-37-19, COCO 156th 1-39-38

Paula James 343rd 2-03-29


Park Run 24th October 2009

Stephanie Davies 61st 23.38 3rd Lady


Cardiff Half Marathon 18th October 2009

There were 8767 finishers

We had 22 runners taking part, first Roadent home was


Peter Coles 13th in 1-12-48 1st Vet, followed by

Nick Frost 25th 1-15-39, Jason Scanlon 30th 1-16-31,

Andy Baker 36th 1-17-17, Steve Pritchard 75th 1-19-36,

Rhys Pitman 89th 1-20-25, Steve Hooper 100th 1-21-06,

Rhodri Evans 269th 1-26-50, Leigh Hiscox 1-27-21

Andy Davies 548th 1-31-00, Huw Durham 795th 1-34-13,

Ben Hannigan 1173 1-37-58, Rob Ford 1504 1-40-26,

CoCo 2725 1-48-20, Richard Holland 3536 1-52-51,


Kelly Morgan 615th 1-31-57, Kate Jones 1-35-40,Anne Follan 2667

1-48-01, Sharon Phillips 1-41-00

Debbie Jones 2-02-00, Paula James 5414 2-03-28.



Cardiff Park Run 17th October 2009

Andy Davies 22nd in 19.27,

Steph Davies 23.17





Gwent League Bridgend 11th October 2009

Senior Men-329 finishers

A Team

Peter Coles 32nd, Nick Frost 50th, Leigh Hiscox 55th,

Jason Scanlon 97th, Steve Prichard 123rd, Sunny Davies 140th,

Steve Hooper 165th.

The A Team are 8th/12 in Division 1


B Team

Rhodri Evans 143rd, Mark Jones 180th, Phil Meyler 189th,

Lee Davies 204th, Andy Davies 223rd, CoCo 245th

Andy Dunscombe 285th, Rob Ford 297th.

The B Team are 5th/10


Ladies-181 finishers

Anne Follan 113th

The Ladies are 9th/10




Oldbury 10 4th October 2009

246 Finishers

Well done to Andy Baker on a sub 60 minute run.

Andrew Baker 14th 59.40, Jason Scanlon 17th 60.10

Dean Birt 108th 72.00  



Park Run 5k 3rd October 2009

140 Finishers

Daniel Bodman 5th 17.40           




Swansea Bay 10k 27th September 2009

2802 Finishers


Peter Coles 19th 33.49, Nick Frost 31st 35.13, Jason Scanlon

45th 36.19, Andy Baker 47th 36.20, Rhys Pitman 49th 36.23,

Steve Hooper 73rd 37.28, Steve Pritchard 79th 37.48,

Phil Meyler 124th 39.11, Andy Davies 179th 40.26,

Lee Davies 227th 41.23, Huw Durham 384th 43.48,

Ben Hannigan 492nd 45.14, Rob Ford 524th 45.39,

Andy Dunscombe 631st 46.52.


Kelly Morgan  195th 10th Lady 40.43, Kate Jones 341st 43.24,

Paula James 1885th 59.26.


Stephanie Davies 22.51

1k over 8’s

Georgia Davies 51st 4.41

1k under 8’s

Keira Davies 19th 4.57






Park Run 5k Time Trial 26th Sept. 2009

155 Finishers

Daniel Bodman 5th in 17.00, Andy Davies 28th 19.14,

Stephanie Davies 82nd 23.21



Park Run 5k time trial 19th Sept 2009

167 Finishers

Daniel Bonman 4th in 16.51



Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon 13th September 2009

1242 Finishers

Well done to Andy Baker on another fine run.

Andy Baker 40th in 1-20-40



Cardiff Park Run Race 83 12th September 2009

Another great PB for Rhodri Evans breaking 19 mins

and finishing in 18.47.

Andy Davies 42nd 19.52, Stephanie Davies 23.32



Hay Hillraiser 11.3 Miles 6th September 2009

59 Finishers

Rhodri Evans 7th in 81mins 55 sec’s


Cardiff 10k 6th September 2009


Peter Coles 34th 2nd vet in 33.32, Nick Frost 44th and 4th

vet 34.45, Steve Hooper 85th 37.54, Phil Meyler 123rd 39.52,

Andy Davies 129th 40.13, Lee Davies 165th  41.34, Rob Ford

272nd 44.17, Dean Birt 406th 45.49, Richard Holland 590th 48.58

Stephanie Davies 676th 50.42, Paula James 1316 57.50.








Roman Run 5th September 2009
180 Finishers
Another great win for Kelly Morgan 1st Lady in 2-02-40
almost 6 mins ahead of the 2nd Lady. Kelly was 19th int the race.
Also running were Maggot 45th 2-12-08 and Richard Day 54th
2-14-24, a special mention to Geraint Williams 38th in 2-09-04
it would be great to see you back in club..
Langport 10km 30th August 2009
451 finishers
Peter Coles 7th 33.34, Nick Frost 12th 34.27,
Jason Scanlon 23rd 36.16,Andrew Baker 29th 36.54,
Leigh Hiscox 32nd 37.31,
Rhodri Evans 62nd 39.57, Andy Davies 63rd 39.57,
Maggot 68th 40.31, Lee Davies 73rd 40.53,
Kelly Morgan 74th 40.54, Kate Jones 113th 42.48,
Ceri Davies 180th 46.23, Anne Follan 220th 48.26,
Rob Phillips 247th 50.35, Paula James 357th 57.45.
Machen 10k 30th August 2009
140 Finishers
Rob Ford 73rd 59.08,
Ben Hannigan 93rd 61.58
Merthyr 10k 23rd August 2009
215 finishers
Peter Coles 4th in 34.20, Andy Baker 16th 37.19,
Rhodri Evans 36th 39.55 PB, Kelly Morgan 48th 40.55 PB
Andy Davies 59th 41.36, Lee Davies 60th 41.39,
Dean Birt 65th 42.14, Huw Durham 69th 42.38,
Rob Ford 101st 45.25.
Congratulations to Kelly, after a very strong run was 3rd lady
and got another PB
Park Run Cardiff Time Trial 22nd August 09
141 finishers
Jason Scanlon 4th 17.04, Steve Pritchard 7th 17.55,
Andy Davies 23rd 19.27, Stephanie Davies 65th 22.52


ingli 10k 16th August 2009
93 Finishers
Rhodri Evans 15th 40.24
Rob Ford 44th 45.30
Park Run 5K Time Trial 15th August 2009
151 Finishers
A great run from Jason Scanlon who is getting back to
top form. 5th in 16.55
Next to finish was Rhodri Evans 21st 19.03, good to see
Maggot returning to good form 33rd 19.44.
Stephanie Davies 80th 23.34, Andy Davies 81st 23.35 
Rose Inn 4 Mile 11th August 2009
162 Finishers
Conditions were tough with a strong windon the 2nd and 4th mile,
but there was tobe an even bigger obstacle in the shape ofa herd
of cows.
Many runners had to slow or even stop as the herd covered the
whole road.Well done to Peter coles who on the nightwas 3rd
overall  and 1st Vet in 21.47 Pete was also ist Vet in the series,
Also well done to Stephanie Davies 94th 29.46 who won yet
another Trophy and was 1st Junior Lady in the series.Other runners taking part wereAndy Davies 38th 25.40, Kelly Morgan 40th 25.53 4th lady on thenight, Paula James 146th 35.51. 














































































Run Time Trial 8th August 2009
Andy Davies 24th 19.22
Stephanie Davies 61st 22.25 PB
Transcendence 3×1 mile Relay Fiday 7th August 
Well done to everyone who took part.
The Teams were –
Pete Coles, Scanlon, Symon Murphy, 2nd overall.Jason


Well done to Symon clocking 4.46
Kelly Morgan, Stephanie Davies, Kate Jones, 13th 2nd Ladies Team.
Debbie Otley, Anne Follan, Paula James. 21st
Maggot, Huw Durham, Rhodri Evans. 11th great to see Maggot back..
Andy Davies, Peter Coles, Jason Scanlon. 8th