Double Ironman 21st/22nd September 2013

Whilst for most runners completing a Marathon is the ultimate goal.

Not so for Ponty Roadent William Denny.

William will be taking part in a Double Ironman in Snowdon North Wales.

A 4.8 Mile Swim followed by a 224 Mile Cycle followed by a 52 Mile Run.

He will be supported by fellow Roadents Nick Denny, Nick Pounder, Rhodri Evans, Warren Tilke, Rhys Steel, Alex Sebury.

The Brutal is a double iron-distance triathlon based in Llanberis, North Wales, and the surrounding Snowdonia area.
The race is aiming to become the UK’s hardest triathlon, with a 360km bike course and Mount Snowdon included in the final part of the double marathon run. The organizers are aiming for something similar in feel to the infamous Norseman… only longer.
“You will begin by swimming 4.8 miles in the beautiful Lake Padarn – this will be the easiest part of your day. The extremely challenging bike course involves cycling 224 miles over brutal hills, you will continue to cycle in darkness and finally get back to transition. If you survive the ride, you will then begin a 52 mile run that involves… yep, more hills! But not just hills because this race is called The Brutal. You will finish by climbing up and down Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales! You can then call yourself a Brutal finisher.”
Good Luck To William