August Handicap Results

Congratulations to Nikki Dowell on winning this months Handicap Race.
A big PB for Nikki who finished in 34.55.
It was another blanket finish with Sara Morgan and Sheryl Rakei so close to the finish before Douglas Reid, Nick Denny, and Rhodri Evans past them.
Still improving is Justin Jones who was so close to Winning only to be passed by Nikki Dowell late on.
Others running were Andy Davies, Laurence Pole, Gwyn Lloyd,  Nicholas James PounderDarren Bishop, William Denny, Brian Gough, Simon Pritchard, Hannah Fowler, Phil Meyler and Rhian Hopkins


Members with 5 or more Handicap Races Done- The current leader is Simon Pritchard 8x32pts, Darren Bishop 7x33pts, Sheryl Rakei 5x34pts, Stephanie Davies 6x48pts, Kyle Davies 5x51pts, Ffion Davies 5x53pts, William Denny 7x53pts, Andrew Baker 5x53pts, Peter Coles 5x53pts, Nick Denny 5x53pts, Sophie Hedges 5x59pts Andy Davies 5x66pts, Gwyn Lloyd 6x69pts, Laurence Pole 5x75pts, Hannah Fowler 7x78pts. Members with 4 Races Alex Sebury 4x26pts, Phil Meyler 4x33pts, Justin Jones 4x39pts, Nick Pounder 4x41pts, Rhodri Evans 4x47pts, Rhys Steel 4x53pts, Hywel Jones 4x54pts, Sara Morgan 4x74pts. Members with 3 Races Nikki Dowell 3x5pts, Rhian Durham 3x10pts, Dougie Reid 3x14pts, Sean Oconner 3x21pts, Charlie Smith 3x22pts. If you spot ant mistakes let me know.