Club 5 Mile Handicap 2nd February 2012

Here we have a list of start times for the Handicap this Thursday, they are subject to change, as you will all appreciate it is difficult to anticipate actual finishing times. If we do not have a time to work on for you, then you will be penalised at the start,this is only fair to the runners we can get an average pace for.

If your name is not below, it will be added on the night, there will be a prize for 1st 2nd and 3rd.

Helen Welsh- Elaine Sutherland 1.15-Anne Follan 3.00-Bernadette Jones 4.15-Stephanie Davies 5-15-Debbie Jones 5.50-Debbie Otley 6.00-Jan Edwards 6.55-Rob Ford 9.40-Fiona Davies 9.50-Nick Pounder  9.55-Justin Jones 10.00-Warren Tilke 10.05-Carl Edwards 10.10-Andy Davies 10.20-Russ Bown 10.30-Will Denny 10.35-Andy Dunscombe 10.50-Nick Denny 10.55-Kristy 11.00-Corie Watkins 11.30-Paul Williams 11.30-Brian Gough 11.35-Ceri-Anne Davies 11.50-Neil Williams 12.10-Lee Davies 12.10-Gwyn Lloyd 12.10-Huw Durham 12.30-Anthony Culliane 12.40-CoCo 13.00-Laurence Pole 13.20-Phill Meyler 13.40-Thomas Murphy 14.30-Kelly Morgan 15.10-Julian Davies 15.25-Rhodri Evans 15.30-Ross Fripp 15.50-Leigh Hiscox 16.50-Justin 17.00- Nick Frost 17.55-Jason Scanlon 18.55-Peter Coles 19.30