Thanks to Huw Durham and Nick Frost for helping me today, we lugged water to the top of

the course for the water station and marked the course. Suggestion for marshalls bring a

camping chair if you have one, as it beats standing for 1-2 hours.Can all members please try

to attend if possible either to run or perform the many tasks that need to be done to operate

an event. See you all tomorrow, can marshalls please be there by 9.30 Thanks everybody  Andrew


Entries   Sue Frost, Jackie Baker, Sheree Lloyd

Finish Team   Debbie Otley, Rhian Durham, Rhian Hopkins

Water Station top of course -Ceri Ann Davies

Water Station at finish Helen Welch & Elaine Diosi

Marshalls Brian Gough, Richard Day, Paul Williams, Julian Davies, Huw Durham

Justin Jones, Nick Pounder, Will Denny, Fiona Davies

Last runner  Jan Edwards

Marshalls will be required for childrens race so if I have not already mentioned

you and are available, please let me know

Members who have shown interest in running and who can run if they desire

Peter Coles, Anthony Cullinane, Steve Hooper, Gwyn Lloyd, Nick Denny

Carl Edwards, Justin Pitstop, Tom Murphy, FFion Davies, Kristy O Connel

If I have got any of this wrong, accept my apologies. Andrew 07737280972