June 2012 Handicap Results

Handicap Race Times 2012(1)

Handicap Table 2012 After Three Races

We had 17 Roadents taking part in this months Handicap race.

Congratulations to Sean on his first win, in second place was Kyle Davies and third was Ross Fripp, sadly this was his last Handicap race with before moving back home, fitting then that Ross is currently top of the standings after three races.

Sean 17pts, Kyle Davies 16pts, Ross Fripp 15pts, Julian Davies 14pts, Steve Hooper 13pts, Tom Murphy 12pts, Rhodri Evans 11pts, Ffion Davies 10pts, Nick Frost 9pts, Peter Coles 8pts, Nick Denny 7pts, Justin  6pts, Kritie Oconnell 5pts, Dale 4pts, Nick Pounder 3pts, Tim Phillips 2pts, Justin Jones 1pt.

Remember that the points tables only started from April