September Handicap Race

This month the beginners stepped up to have a go at the Handicap Race, they can all be very proud of their efforts.

1st home was Bea Lovegrove 49.05 after 3 months of hard training this was very well deserved, not to far behind was Samantha Rosie 50.04 and 3rd was Fiona Campell knocking some 8 mins off her time finishing in 51.02.

4th Dan Saxton 51.03, 5th Nikki Dowell 34.00, 6th Rhian Hopkins 42.28, 7th Laurence Pole 34.35, 8th Andy Baker 32.12, 9th Sam Ryall 31.12, 10th Sophie Hedges 41.38, 11th Simon Pritchard 35.15, 12th Justin Jones 38.10, 13th Gwyn Lloyd 38.20, 14th Kyle Davies 31.20, 15th Sara Morgan 45.05, 16th Nick Denny 34.19, 17th Darren Bishop 31.16, 18th Peter Coles 30.45, 19th Katherine Sheppard 52.09, 20th Stephanie Davies, 21st Phil Meyler 36.14, 22nd Sheryl Rakei 41.37, 23rd Steve Segan 44.27, 24th Steve Hooper 34.41, 25th Rhys Steel 41.30, 26th Brian Gough 39.41, 27th Andy Davies 39.41, 28th Debbie Otley 43.29, 29th Vicky Coopey 43.59.

Also taking part but going off early were Will Denny, Alex Sebury and Krisie O’Connell.

There were some excellent PBs From Nikki Dowell, Sam Ryall, Laurence Pole, Rhian Hopkins, Sophie Hedges, Sara Morgan, Fiona Campbell.

Well done everyone.