Rack Raid Relays May 27th 2012

Here is the list of runners so far, if you can run and your not on the list please let Andy D know ASAP. 07960452657

The first three legs are covered by runners going up early in the car, at the moment myself, Steph, Gwyn Lloyd, Paul Williams and Anthony Cullnaine will be going up. We need one more runner to come up with us. If anyone in the Ponty area fancies driving their car upto the early legs please let me know.  


Paul Williams, Anthony Cullnaine, Gwyn Lloyd, Ross Fripp, Ceri-Anne Davies, Peter Coles, Brian Gough, Stephanie Davies, Andy Davies, Nick Pounder, Justin Jones, Kyle Davies, Rob Ford, Debbie Otley, Julian Davies, Richard Day, Andy Dunscombe, Nick Denny, Will Denny/Mrs Denny, Anne Fallen, Tom Murphy.


Nick Frost, Alex Sebury, Phil Meyler, Rhodri Evans, Kristy Oconnell, Neil Williams, Fion Davies, Justin.


Laurence Pole, Jan Edwards, Carl Edwards, Fiona Davies, Huw Durham, Rhian Durham.