Mynydd Troed fell race Sunday 29th April 2012

The race was shortened to 5 miles from 7 because of difficulty getting marshalls on to the mountain. The weather was absolutely atrocious with gale force wind blowing you sideways and driving rain stinging your bare skin. Most people wore the full body cover but i wore a vest over a tshirt and shorts and my skin afterwards was red raw!

As it was a inter- regional and welsh championship race  I ran for south wales for the first time and was very happy with my finishing position of 11th out of 76 finishers. Most of us suffered with mild hypothermia and one guy had to be dragged into the pub and warmed up by the fire. He was eventually taken to hospital and i think is ok. It was the worst weather ive experienced running so far!

Thats enough of my ramblings who fancies pen y fan in july? The weather cant be as bad as that again surely!