May Handicap Race 17th May 2012

Handicap Table 2012 After Two Races

Handicap Race Times 2012(1)

We had 17 taking part this month. This months winner was Ross Fripp.

1st Ross Fripp, 2nd Stephanie Davies, 3rd Steve Hooper.

Ross Fripp 17pts, Stephanie Davies 16pts, Steve Hooper 15pts, Peter Coles 14pts, Kyle Davies 13pts, Debbie Otley 12pts, Justin Jones 11pts, Elaine Sutherland 10pts, Catrin Davies 9pts, Ceri-Anne Davies 8pts, Gwyn Lloyd 7pts, Ffion Davies 6pts, Paul Williams 5pts, Kristie Oconnell 4pts, Dan Saxton 3pts, Phil Meyler 2pts, Stuart Hooper 1pt.

Well done to everyone who took part this month. 

Here are the starting positions for the next handicap race, good luck to everyone, remember every position counts towards your final points.

There will be a bottle of wine for the winner and you get to keep the President cup for a month. Previous results below.

Helen, Elaine, Bernadette, Stephanie, Debbie O, Catrin D, Anne Fallen, Fion D, Jan E, Lee S, Fiona D, Laurence, Kristy, Justin J, Rob Ford, Carl Edwards, Andy D,Brian Gough, Nick Pounder, Huw Durham, Neil Williams, Alex Sebury, Ceri-Anne, Ann Evans, Will Denny, Gwyn Lloyd, Nick Denny, CoCo, Ant Cullnine, Julian Davies, Phil Meyler, Jack, Rhodri, Ross, Justin, Nick Frost, Peter Coles.

If your not on the list dont worry I will add you on the night.