Club Support Runners Rota

Many thanks to everyone who has put themselves forward to help New and slower runners.

Here is the rota for the next few weeks, if you are unable to make the session please change with someone else or  let me know.

Tuesday 5th Nov- Will Denny

Thursday 7th Nov- No support Runner

Tuesday 12th Nov- Rhodri Evans

Thursday 14th Nov- Alex Sebury

Tuesday 19th Nov- Nick Denny

Thursday 21st Nov- Nick Pounder

Tuesday 26th Nov- Jan Edwards

Thursday 28th Nov- Club Handicap

Tuesday 3rd Dec- Carl Edwards

Thursday 5th Dec- Will Denny

Tuesday 10th Dec- Simon Pritchard

Thursday 12th Dec- Alex Sebury

Tuesday 17th Dec- Nick Denny

Thursday 19th Dec- Final Club Handicap Race 2013

If you cant make the night you are down to do, please swap with someone else.


I know this has been a controversial subject for many years, but I am sure everyone will agree it’s time we finally put something together so that new members and slower runners have someone to run with when they come to the club.

Therefore I propose that we put together a rota so that someone can ensure nobody gets left behind.

It’s a little unfair to expect the same group of members to do it all the time, after all everyone needs to push themselves to improve.

So who wants to put themselves forward to help with any new members or slower runners.

Put your name forwrd here or contact me Andy D.