January Handicap Race

Well done to everyone who took part a big thank you to Ceri Anne Davies who took the beginners around the course.

It was a very close finish between the first four finishers.

Kyle Davies put in another great run to win and recorded a new pb in 31.23, He was closely followed by Stephanie Davies who despite only a few runs in the last couple of weeks managed to run close to her best time for the course.

In 3rd place was Rhian Hopkins who is returning to form and 4th went to Rhian Durham 44.30 approx.

5th Sean Pritchard 37.38, 6th Julian Davies 32.46, 7th Alex Sebury, 8th Darren Bishop, 9th Simon O’Connell 35.00, 10th John James 44.40, 11th Ffion Davies 38.28, 12th Heidi Williams 38.32, 13th Andy Baker,  14th Peter Coles 30.53, 15th Will Denny 36.33, 16th Nick Pounder 38.12, 17th Hannah Fowler 47.37, 18th Paul Williams 37.40, 19th Hywel Jones, 20th Nick Denny, 21st Rebecca Lewis, 22nd Abbey Temple.

Beginners Group

Debbie Otley 45.20, Jack Addicott 46.31, Bernadette Jones 46.42, Sara Morgan 46.45, Charlie Smith 47.16, Sophie Hedges 47.16