Handicap Results 2021

Congratulations to Griffiths Warners for winning the July handicap in a PB time of 37:04.

Crossing the line after Darren was Ruth Sutton 39.12, Phil Phillip Evans 33.22, Gwyn Johnson 34.04, Paul Iddon 47.45, Jennet Holmes 42.34, Maad Khalil 43.36, Steve Hooper 35.08, Elizabeth Henson 53.55, Rob Philips 36.29, Steven Hoare 39.10, Abi Ghuman 47.38, Gareth Harvey 44.43, Jean Marchant 45.19, Iestyn Henson 40.24, Laurence Pole 34.23, Philip J Williams 33.13, David Mather 43.55, Claire Ghuman 56.39
Not sure of position : Mei Boyo 41.35, Leanne Talbot 42.16

Also running was Liz May, Gwyn Lloyd

Thanks to Mair SonJohn and Andy Davies for helping with setting off and timekeeping.




Well done to everyone who took part in tonight’s handicap race, our first Thursday night handicap since February last year.

Tonights winner was Adrian Bragger in a time of 42:58 (well done Ade!) followed by:

Jordan Brown 36.44 Liz May 34.55 (PB) Jean Marchant 44.44 Jennet Holmes 42.47 Paul Chomp Harris 39.05 Rob Flanagan 41.36 Gareth Harvey 43.42 Robert Philips 37.26 Laurence Pole 34.16 Peggy Edwards 52.11 Neil Fitzgerald 42.26 Nick Pounder 42.29 Paul Iddon 49.27 Steve Hooper 36.05 Elizabeth Henson 54.55 Tim Davies 44.27

Also taking part were Mei Boyo 42.47 Martin Carson 37.22 Steven Hoare 39.41 Lee Price 35.17 Jonathan Slade 36.00

Thanks to Iestyn Henson and Andy Davies for the timekeeping