Gwent League 2011/2012

Well done to everyone who took part in this years Cross Country.

After a fantastic result in Blaise Castle the mens team have managed to stay in Division 1 next season.

Peter Coles led the way and was 2nd Vet 45 on the day.

A fantastic run by Nick Frost to be first Vet 50 on the day proving all the hard training is paying off.

Brian Gough 1st Vet 70 and Fiona Davies 1st Vet 55 

I am not sure of exact results but can confirm that after five fixtures Brian Gough has won the Vet 70 Category by a country mile, the margin between Brian and the rest is huge and shows why he is one of the best Vet 70 runners in Britain.

Also Fiona Davies has won the Vet 55 Category by ten points showing why she is also one of the best in her age Category.

Hopefully next year we can again show that for a small club we have some of the best Veteran runners in Wales.

A big thank you to Ross for his contribution this season.