Monthly Handicap Results 2015

Final Results for the Handicap Series 2015.

This year we had 93 people who ran our handicap race at least once. Of these we had 22 who competed in 5 or more that are used to score. Here is the top 10 and the top 5 will receive a trophy. Sam Richards competed in every single one and Mike Smith missed just one race.

1. Geoff Jones (15)

2. Billy Hayton (20)

3. Samuel Jody Richards (25)

4. Justin Mark Phillips (31) 3rd place best

5. Mike Smith (31) 4th place best

6. Peter Coles (33)

7. Lee Richards (38)

8. Angela Lewis (41)

9. Paul Graham (46)

10. Rob Flanagan (47)





December Handicap Race Result

Congratulations to Graham Bingham on winning the December Handicap Race in a new PB of 45.40, in a very close 2nd was Paul Graham who ran yet another PB 28.43 and has broken the course record.

In 3rd was Nick Pounder 36.54 just holding off the ever improving Janet Edwards 38.58 4th, Geoff Jones has been very consistent and finished 5th 36.20, 6th Samuel Jody Richards 30.11, 7th Caroline Best 45.34, 8th 32.34, 9th Darren Bishop 30.23, 10th Justin Mark Phillips 32.10, 11th Mike Smith 41.46, 12th Darren Warner 40.59, 13th Peter Coles 30.55, 14th Philip Thomas 33.06, 15th Christopher Rothwell 38.45, 16th Carl Edwards, 17th Lee Richards 39.04, 18th Steve Segan 44.54, 19th Neil Fitzgerald 39.39, 20th Elaine Sutherland 50.15, 21st Neil Brooke-Smith 37.30, 22nd Steve Hooper 37.24, 23rd Clara Evans 36.23, 24th Sarah Boothby 45.00, 25th Clair Houston 69.00.

Well done everyone it all starts again in January.

A big thank you to Peter Coles for the chocolate


November 2015 Handicap Results

Congratulations to Emma Rees on winning tonight’s Handicap race in 55.13, in a close 2nd was Darren Griffiths 40.31, 3rd was Liam Osborne 36.23, 4th Peter Coles 30.06, 5th Steve Bartlett 30.30, 6th Mike Smith 41.41, 7th Nick Pounder 38.17, 8th Billy Hayton 29.56, 9th Laurence Pole 32.20, 10th Christopher Rothwell 37.59, 11th Justin Mark Phillips 32.12, 12th Brian Gough 44.20, 13th Rob Flannagan 39.32, 14th Darren Bishop 30.18, 15th Steve Segan 44.40, 16th Samuel Jody Richards 30.27, 17th Sian Khalil 42.54, 18th Lee Richards 39.04, 19th Graham Bingham 48.50, 20th Neil Fitzgerald, 21st Caroline Best 46.14, 22nd Philip Thomas 34.24, 23rd Kathryn Stoate 50.02, 24th Pam Flanagan 51.05, 25th Angela Lewis 48.05.

First timer Liz 41 mins


October Handicap Results

Congratulations to Paul Graham on winning this months Handicap Race, despite running the Snowdon Marathon 5 days ago he managed yet another PB and finished in 30.37.

Geoff Jones came a close 2nd in 36.31, 3rd was Jake Brooke-Smith, 4th went to Billy Hayton doing another sub 30 29.47, 5th Justin Mark Phillips 31.36, 6th Another PB for Caroline Best 45.42, 7th Samuel Jody Richards 30.14, 8th Rob Flanagan 39.15, 9th Clara Evans

33.16, 10th Stephanie Davies 39.00, 11th Steve Segan 44.47, 12th Sian Khalil 43.01, 13th Fiona Davies 40.14, 14th Nick Denny 35.20, 15th Simon Pritchard 37.35, 16th Steve Hooper 36.10, 17th Rhian Hopkins 45.55, 18th Peter Coles 31.06, 19th Christine Mant 47.48, 20th Kathryn Stoate 48.30, 21st Nick Pounder 39.50, 22nd Graham Bingham, 23rd Justin Jones 41.17, 24th Christopher Rothwell, 25th Mike Smith 41.55, 26th Bretti Paxton 48.47, 27th Laurence Pole 37.28, 28th Neil Fitzgerald.

Other having a run were Liam 39.07.


September Handicap

Congratulations to Caroline Best on winning this months Handicap race in 48.12, in 2nd place was Sarah Boothby , 3rd Fiona Davies 39.39, 4th Brian Gough 40.13, 5th Paul Graham 31.23, 6th Laurence Pole 31.32, 7th Rhian Durham 42.51, 8th Billy Hayton 29.43, 9th Darren Bishop 30.25, 10th Neil Fitzgerald 39.34, 11th Rhiannon Smith 55.17, 12th Kathryn Stoate 48.48, 13th Bridgette Griffiths 49.49, 14th Samuel Jody Richards 31.49, 15th Steve Segan 45.35, 16th Steve Hooper 35.59, 17th Clara Evans 37.32, 18th Ruth Cochran 61.01, 19th Sian Khalil 43.45, 20th Pam Flanagan , 21st Mike Smith 41.21.
First time run Graham Bingham 49.09.
Also running the course Alex Sebury 31.55, Stephanie Davies 40.34, Jake Vaughan 40.34, Andy Davies 40.34
Mark Prosser(Paul’s Friend) 44.00


August Handicap Race

Congratulations to Kerry Jones on winning the August Handicap Race in a time of 66.36, only a few seconds behind in 2nd place was Geoff Jones 36.16, 3rd Samuel Jody Richards 30.05, 4th Billy Hayton 30.06, 5th Helen Wallace 45.47, 6th Peter Coles 30.19, 7th Mike Smith 41.45, 8th Darren Bishop 30.26, 9th Sarah Boothby 67.26,10th Justin Mark Phillips 32.03, 11th Lee Richards 38.45, 12th Angela Lewis 45.46, 13th Kathryn Stoate 48.08, 14th Hefin Gruffydd 39.10, 15th Rhiannon Bowen 62.00, 16th Sian Khalil 44.40, 17th Laura Pinney 61.02, 18th Lisa Williams 55.58, 19th Steve Ridout 43.23, 20th Caroline Best 52.00, 21st Rhiannon Smith 55.25, 22nd Nicola Parry 55.58, 23rd Christine Mant 50.46, 24th Steve (Ferndale) 30.55


July Handicap Race

Congratulations to Charlyne Bourion on winning this months Race in a new PB of 37.45.
In second place was Rhian Durham 43.31, 3rd Nigel Graham 37.41, 4th Mike Smith 40.53, 5th Jason Scanlon, 6th Peter Coles 30.45, 7th Neil Fitzgerald 39.16, 8th Lee Richards 38.18, 9th Andy Davies 40.08, 10th Geoff Jones 37.38.
11th Bridgette Griffiths 50.29, 12th Mark O’Dare 1st run 50.56, 13th Nick Pounder 39.10,14th Samuel Jody Richards 32.45, 15th Bretti Paxton 46.22, 16th Angela Lewis 45.18, 17th Sarah Boothby 1st run 69.00, 18th Kerry Jones 1st run 69.00, 19th Darren DW 46.46, 20th Emma Rees 1st run 57.24

First runs for Steve Ridout 51.00, Geraldine Polly O’Dare 69.00.
Jo Gwynne 69.00, Helen Wallace, Ruth Cochran, Andrew Baker, Allen Bevan 43.00.


June Handicap Race
Congratulations to Geoff Jones on winning this months Race.

1st Geoff Jones 37.14, 2nd Neil Williams 38.36, 3rd Justin Mark Phillips 32.14, 4th Laura Kumar 55.30, 5th Neil Fitzgerald 40.39, 6th Lee Richards 38.43, 7th Samuel Jody Richards 31.31, 8th Jake Vaughan 36.33, 9th Justin Jones 38.19, 10th Darren GW, 41.21, 11th Rob Flanagan 40.52, 12th Mike Smith 42.32, 13th Steve Hooper 35.24, 14th Angela Lewis 45.08, 15th Rick Fisher (1st run), 16th Bretti Paxton 48.00.

Well done everyone.

Lots just running around the course


May Handicap Race

Congratulations to Pam Flanagan on winning the May Handicap Race with another big PB 47.58
In second place and a fantastic sub 30 minute finish (29.48) was Samuel Jody Richards.
3rd Justin Mark Phillips 31.35, 4th Laurence Pole 31.54, 5th Billy Hayton 30.00, 6th Kyle Davies 31.15, 7th Peter Coles 30.25, 8th Jake Vaughan 34.10, 9th Rhodri Evans 33.35, 10th Geoff Jones 36.54, 11th Angela Lewis 42.27, 12th Sian Khalil 41.24, 13th Lee Richards 37.41, 14th Jennet Holmes 45.20, 15th Zoe Macdonald 48.58, 16th Ceri-anne Davies 38.05, 17th Gwyn Lloyd 40.30, 18th Christopher Rothwell 38.21, 19th Justin Jones 38.05, 20th Adam Thomas Bebb 38.40, 21st Dianne Davies 79.00

First time for Helen Wallace 48.10 and Sharon 48,02 ?


April 2015 Handicap Results

Well done to everyone who took part, there were lots of PB’s and some excellent improvements.
1st Gemma Louise Bebb in 46.20, 2nd Angela Lewis 43.54, 3rd Leeann Davies 46.16, 4th Jake Brooke-Smith 33.10, 5th Geoff Jones 36.51, 6th Darren Bishop 30.41, 7th Mike Smith 41.35, 8th Gwyn Lloyd 39.51, 9th Cameron Cumming 37.25, 10th Zoe Macdonald 49.54, 11th Sara Brooke-Smith 40.54, 12th Justin Jones 35.40, 13th Simon Pritchard 36.22, 14th Billy Hayton 31.24, 15th Lee Richards 38.24, 16th Steve Segan 43.32, 17th Laurence Pole 34.03, 18th Kyle Davies 32.19, 19th Neil Fitzgerald, 20th Paul Graham, 21st Steve Hooper 35.07, 22nd Sian Khalil 41.12, 23rd Clara Evans, 24th Samuel Jody Richards

First timers
Simon Carter, Phil Osmond 36.13, Bretti Paxton 45.21, Will Scarrett 37.05
(Jennet Holmes 47.04 Nick Denny 33.00)


March 2015 Results

It was Jake Vaughan who took the trophie with a time of 33.50 knocking over two minutes off last months time.
In 2nd place was Angela Lewis 44.51 in 3rd was Ruth Cochran 51.51 who was leading coming onto the estate.
4th Justin Jones 35.37, 5th Billy Hayton, 6th Simon Pritchard 36.08, 7th Jake Brooke-Smith 33.54, 8th Samuel Jody Richards 30.46, 9th Mike Smith 42.48, 10th Rob Flannagan, 11th Philip Thomas 32.40, 12th Alex Sebury 31.46, 13th Cameron Cumming 37.41, 14th Darren Bishop 30.56, 15th Nick Pounder 37.42, 16th Sian Khalil 42.04, 17th Phil Meyler 35.43, 18th Paul Graham 34.59, 19th Geoff Jones 37.52, 20th Stephanie Davies 38.50, 21st Kyle Davies 32.57, 22nd Kristie Marie 36.48, 23rd Clara Evans 37.09
Steph Foulkes-Moran 41.35, Adam Thomas Bebb 36.35. Gwyn Lloyd 42.18.


February 2015 Handicap Results

A big thank you to Ceri-anne Davies and Clair Houston for doing the results.

Well done everyone, Mike Gwynne (45.26) took the win only taking the lead in the last half mile, in second place was Ruth Cochran 53.26, 3rd Sian Khalil 41.04, 4th Debbie Otley 41.35, 5th Lee Richards 38.28, 6th Julian Davies 33.42, 7th Mike Smith 43.50, 8th Alex Sebury 33.00, 9th Kristie Marie 34.29, 10th Stephanie Davies 37.36,11th Geoff Jones 37.10, 12th Darren Bishop 30.30, 13th Rhian Durham 43.28, 14th Nick Pounder 37.33, 15th Dianne Davies 74.00, 16th Steve Hooper 33.49, 17th Laurence Pole 32.54, 18th Cameron Cumming 38.37, 19th Philip Thomas 32.43, 20th Steve Segan 44.51, 21st Angela Lewis 46.16, 22nd Jo Gwynne 63.00, 23rd Peter Coles 34.00, 24th Samuel Jody Richards, 25th Clara Evans 38.00. 26th Andy Davies 40.54.
Jake Vaughen 36.00, Luke Smith, Rhiannon Bowen 63.00.


January 2015 Handicap Race Results

Congratulations to Julian Davies on winning the January Handicap in 34.41, a close second was Billy Hayton in a PB of 31.31 in 3rd place was Louise Bancroft- Graham with a 6 minute PB 48.48.
4th Hywel Morgan 35.18, 5th Rob Flanagan 39.54, 6th Stephanie Davies 38.13, 7th Mike Gwynne 48.08, 8th Lee Richards 39.32, 9th Dianne Davies 73.40, 10th Peter Coles 31.10,11th Sian Khalil 43.00, 12th Kristie O’Connell 35.16, 13th Simon Pritchard 37.40, 14th Gemma Louise Bebb 51.58, 15th Angela Lewis 45.15, 16th Darren Bishop 31.35, 17th Sheryl Rakei 42.46, 18th Carl Edwards 38.35, 19th Laurence Pole 33.35, 20th, Cheryl R Morgan 45.47, 21st, Nick Pounder 38.59, 22nd Steve Hooper 34.06, 23rd Leeann Davies 48.29, 24th Paul Graham 35.13, 25th Andrew Baker 35.25, 26th Kathryn Stoate 49.02, 27th Rhian Durham 44.00, 28th Christopher Rothwell 39.29, 29th Ruth Cochran 57.35, 30th Clara Evans 37.57, 31st Adam Thomas Bebb, 32nd Samuel Jody Richards 36.44, Jake Brooke Smith 34.51, 33rd Mike Smith 44.50, 34th Stephanie Faulkes 45.48, 35th Hayley Pugh 57.30.


December Handicap Results

A big thank you to Ceri-anne Davies for all the hard work with the finishing results and everyone else that has helped through the year.
Congratulations to Douglas Reid on winning the December Handicap Race in 33.55
In 2nd place was Kristie O’Connell in a PB 34.44, 3rd place and overall winner was Stephanie Davies in another PB 38.04, 4th place went to Samuel Jody Richards in a fantastic time considering the weather conditions and a PB in 29.51.
5th place Paul Graham 33.56, 6th Christopher Rothwell 36.50, 7th Sheryl Rakei 41.54, 8th Sara Brooke-Smith 2nd overall 41.58, 9th Neil Brooke-Smith 34.22, 10th Steve Hooper 35.08, 11th Sian Khalil 43.09, 12th Geoff Jones 38.40, 13th Darren Bishop 31.21, 14th Laurence Pole 34.54, 15th Andrew Webberdoon Webber 39.40, 16th Nigel Graham 40.15, 17th Steve Segan 45.30, 18th Dianne Davies 78.00, 19th William Denny, 20th Peter Coles , 21st Clara Evans , 22nd Clair Houston.

Final Results for 2014 Handicap Series.

108 different runners this year and 31 who did 5 or more runs.

Samuel Jody Richards did all 12 and Stephanie Davies only missed June’s handicap race.

5 win prizes but the top 10 this year are:-

1. Steph Davies 17 (2,3,3,4,5)
2. Sara Brooke-Smith 21 (1,1,2,8,9)
3. Sam Richards 23 (1,4,5,5,8)
4. Paul Graham 25 (3,4,5,6,7)
5. Steve Segan 33 (3,6,7,8,9)
6. Neil Brooke-Smith 38 (2,7,9,10,10)
7. Kristie O’Connell 39 (2,5,6,11,15)
8. Douglas Reid 40 (1,6,6,10,17)
9. Sian Khalil 41 (2,3,10,11,15)
10. Geoff Jones 42 (2,5,10,12,13)