Cosmeston Relays 14th July 2010

Lets see how many names we have for the Cosmeston Relays.

If you want to run please leave your name, then we can start putting the Teams together.

Six Teams have been entered so far, theres still room for more. This is a great Team event, each runner runs the 3 mile course and then tags the next runner. Lots of support for everyone. 

Names so far- Rhian Durham, Ceri-Anne Davies, Debbie Otley, Debbie Jones, Stephanie Davies, Helen Welch, Elaine Diosi, Julian Davies, Nick Frost, Jason Scanlon, Leigh Hiscox, Steve Hooper, Steve Pritchard, Rhodri Evans, Andy Davies, Andy Dunscombe, Brian Gough.

Anyone else wanting to run let me know.