Cardiff Half Marathon 6th October 2013

It’s been an eventful day, firstly we would like to wish Bernadette Jones a speedy recovery after taking a nasty fall in the race, she was taken to hospital and needed sixteen stitches in her head.

The new British Half Marathon Champion is Peter Coles, congratulations Peter.

There were lot’s of PB’s with Bea Lovegrove leading the way knocking 7 minutes off her Bristol PB time.

There were 32 of us running

First home was Peter Coles in 1-16-58 he was followed by Darren Bishop 1-21-56, Sam Ryall 1-22-00,  Alex Sebury 1-23-30, Rhodri Evans 1-27-33, Steve Hooper 1-27-49,  Laurence Pole 1-28-20, Nick Denny 1-28-25, Nikki Dowell 1-28-56,Anthony Cullinane 1-29-35,  Clara Evans 1-31-10, William Denny 1-31-11, Nick Pounder 1-40-28, Stephanie Wade 1-41-07, Andy Davies 1-45-49, Catrin Davies 1-46-09, Russell Bown 1-49-00, Sophie Hedges 1-50-41, Sheryl Rakei 1-51-48, Paul Graham 1-53-04, Sara Morgan 1-53-48, Jon James 1-54-57, Charlie Smith 1-55-17, Rhian Durham 1-57-12, Rhys Steel 2-05-58, Bea Lovegrove 2-13-38, Fiona Campbell 2-18-34, Ruth Cochran 2-21-17, Dan Saxton 2-22-24, Helen Welch 2-28-10, Kathryn Bates 2-45-57