Bristol Half Marathon 13th September 2015

BRISTOL HALF.Sunday 13th Sept….so this is how it works…if we get 20+ roadents who want to do this fab event then the entry reduces from £34 to £22.10. However, the club pays the total entry fee up front. So, what we do is if you add ur name to the comments on this are committing to a race place. I submit your name to the race organisers & the roadents submit payment on your behalf, (it sounds complicated but basically the discount only applies to cheques from an affiliated club) you then pay your entry fee…either cash or bank transfer to me, upon payment I give u a unique code. You then enter the race online as you normally would but put the entry code in the payment section. Please note, as the club pays upfront on ur behalf..should you decide you can’t/don’t want to enter the are still responsible for paying the club back, either yourself or by you finding a runner who wants to replace you. Panic not! Last year several pulled out due to injury but found replacement runners easily. This doesn’t affect WA race rules about number swapping as until you actually submit your online entry a race number isn’t allocated to your name. So…who’s in?

15 names already