September Handicap Race Results

Another good turn out with 26 of us taking part.

It was a first win for Kyle Davies who has continued to improve over the months.

In 2nd place was Tom Murphy and 3rd went to Rhian Durham all three were very close in the last 300m.

There was  a blanket finish with at one stage nearly 15 runners crossing the line within seconds of each other.

Good to see Symon Murphy having a go and he put in a great time of 30.34.

With the first two finishing not fully paid up members the bottle of wine goes to Rhian Durham.

As I did the results I ran the course before and Jason Ran with Justin.

Well anyone can still win this years Handicap with three races to go. 

Handicap Race Times 2012(1)

Handicap Tables after 6 races

Kyle Davies 32.22 26pts, Tom Murphy 34.50 25pts, Rhian Durham 44.40 24pts, Symon Murphy 30.34 23pts, Liam ? 22pts, Nick Denny 34.26 21pts, Carl Edwards 37.31 20pts, Shaun Davies 35.13 19pts, Nick Pounder 38.01 18pts, Steve Segan 43’33 17pts, Steph Davies 43.00 16pts, Julian Davies 33.29 15pts, Phil Meyler 33.07 14pts, Rhodri Evans 33.16 13pts, Jan Edwards 39.45 12pts, Alex Sebury 34.15 11pts, Catrin Davies 41.? 10pts, Paul Williams 36.40 9pts, Peter Coles 30.09 8pts, Justin Pitstop 31.40 7pts, Ceri Anne Davies 37.15 6pts, Darren Bishop ? 5pts, Justin Jones 40.14 4pts, Mike Locke ? 3pts, Jason Scanlon 30.58 2pts, Andy Davies 39.33 pts

With so many coming over the line at once, it was difficult to get the positions right, so if anyone thinks they were in front of someone else please let me knowASAP.