Rose Inn 4 Mile race 4 13th Aug 19

There were 210 finishers in the final race of the series.

Matt Clowes took the win in a time of 19.32 rather impressive as he did a 10 mile warm up at 5.30 pace  before the race started.

We had 12 Roadents taking part.

Paul Graham was the 1st Roadent to finish in 21.18, slower than his usual time as he decided to pace Clara to a pb, Clara was 1st Lady in 21.42

Paul was 2nd overall in the series and it must be noted he shared his winnings (beer) with us. He did keep the cash though.


Stephen Bartlett was next in 22.42  23rd overall and 1st Vet 50,

Peter Coles still on the come back trail was 23rd overall and 1st Vet 55 in 23.47.

Laurence Pole put in a solid run and was 31st overall and 5th Vet 40th in 24.29,

Ian Williams managed to hold off the next group of Roadents 83rd overall in 27.07 and 12th in his age category he was closely followed by Huw Davies 88th overall and 21st in his age category in 27.12,

Iestyn Henson 91st  overall and 6th Vet 55 in 27.33 and Stephanie Davies 93rd overall in 27.36 and 8th in her category.

Andy Davies 131st overall and 12th in his age category in 29.52

Elizabeth Henson put in a solid run to finish 207th with an impressive pb of 39.06 and 10th in her age category.