The race has come and gone and results will be displayed when available, this is a

thank you to all the members who participated in this years race. In particularly I would

like to thank Andy and Justin for using their cars to ferry the runners to the various start

points, in particular the early stages, thanks to Lee Sutherland for swapping his leg

to run leg 3 where I was encountering problems getting a runner to run that leg and

thanks to Jason who ran a second leg for the B team due to a runner being injured.

My last thanks is to Gwyn Lloyd for his navigational skills. I think we all agree

that it was another great day out for the club and up until stage 6 I did not mind

driving, but then the roadent spirit in you came out and most of you started

drinking and my pleasure in driving you lot around evaporated, so next

year there will be a different driver. Roll on Man v Horse.