October Handicap

Congratulations to Bea Lovegrove who has won the October Handicap Race and made it two in a row.

Bea Lovegrove 47.08 1pt, Rob Flannagan 42.25 2pts, Simon Pritchard 34.03 3pts, Laurence Pole 33.53 4pts, Gwyn Lloyd 37.43 5pts, Debbie Otley 43.06 6pts, Sara Morgan 7pts, Kyle Davies 31.01 8pts, Andrew Baker 31.58 9pts, Nikki Dowell 34.16 10pts, Sheryl Rakei 41.29 11pts, Andy Davies 38.25 12pts, Phil Meyler 35.24 13pts, Darren Bishop 31.26 14pts, Brian Gough 15pts, Kathrine Sheppard 46.10 16pts, Sophie Hedges 42.30 17pts, Neil Williams 36.50 18pts, Dougie Reid 34.01 19pts, Rhodri Evans 34.52 20pts, Stephanie Davies 21pts, Fiona Campbell 22pts, Pam Flannagan 54.35 23pts, Ruth Cochran 55.21 24pts. Billy 34.30,Dan Bodman 30.00

It’s getting close with just two races left.
The first five will receive an award at the presentation evening.
Simon Pritchard still leads the table with 26 pts from five races….
Sheryl Rakei has moved into 2nd place taking 6 points off her lowest score.
Kyle Davies now has 31 pts from 5 knocking 8pts off his lowest score this week.
Darren Bishop is still close in 4th
Andrew Baker sits in 5th place with 44pts
Others very close after four races are Alex Sebury with 25pts and Nikki Dowell on just 18 pts
It’s all to play for in November make sure your on the start line.