November Handicap Race

Congratulations to Ruth Cochran on winning the November Handicap Race.
We have changes on the leaderboard after today’s race Kyle Davies has moved to the top with 20 pts Sheryl Rakei moves to 2nd with 24 pts and Simon Pritchard has 26pts.
But it’s not over with one race to go.
We have a number of members with low numbers after four races so the last race will be a huge battle.
Remember the top five will receive an award !!!!


November Handicap Race
Ruth Cochran 52.06, Douglas Reid 32.04, Kyle Davies 30.49, Rob Flannagan 41.00, Jennet Holmes 49.29, Steve Hooper 33.17, Sheryl Rakei 40.47, Laurence Pole 33.50, Andrew Baker 32.24, Debbie Otley 42.33, Billy 34.15, Neil Williams 36.50, Rhys Steel 41.24, Nikki Dowell 34.40, Brian Gough 38.39, Gwyn Lloyd 38.39, Steve Segan 44.49, Nick Pounder 38.21, Stephanie Davies, Paul Graham 43.27, Clara Evans 39.51
Support Runners were Julian Davies, Phil Meyler, Ceri-Anne, Kristie, Russell Bown, Alex Sebury, Rhodri Evans