Man V Horse 2013

Man V Horse 2013 Results

Man V Horse 2013 (The Outcome)

Another year has come and gone,  yet again we fielded 8 Teams and 3 runners doing the whole 23 and half miles.

Firstly we have to say well done to Fiona Davies, Carl Edwards and Rhodri Evans who ran the whole race, with stage 2 (71/2 miles) and 3 (9.9 miles) extended and the Sun pushing Temps. into the mid 20s,  doing just 1 stage would be tough enough.

The Ladies did really well with Ffion Davies, Claire Maksimovic and Heidi Williams they managed to finish 3rd Ladies Team.

For the Men Darren Bishop put our A team in a good position which was followed up with an equally good performance from Alex Sebury, Having taken off in 2nd Team place Peter Coles came across a junction with no marshal, unfortunately 5 miles later Peter realised he had taken the wrong route, despite this and over 12 miles later Peter crossed the line in a respectable position.

Well done to eveybody who took part, I managed 2 stages having had a poor first stage decided to punish myself a bit more and do the second.

Darren Bishop, Alex Sebury, Peter Coles.

Julian Davies, Ceri-Anne Davies, Kyle Davies.

William Denny, Nick Pounder, Rhys Steel

Andy Davies, Stephanie Davies, Gwyn Lloyd.

Ffion Davies, Claire Maksimovic, Heidi Williams 3rd Ladies Team

Catrin Davies, Kristie O’Connell, Jan Edwards.

Debbie Otley, Huw Durham, Warren Tilke.

Russell Bown, Rhian Hopkins, Mark Jones.

True to what they say, we partied until the early hours.

This is the true and accurate account of the travails of Sawbone Pete in the Manne V Horse Circa2013. ” The sun was high in the sky with few clouds when the noble Alex arrived carrying the sweatband of responsibility. The Pirates were in second place and my task was a simple one-to deliver said sweatband to the finish. Would that such a jorney was easy-the first hill was tough but I succeeded in passing 3 runners.The road turned into a narrow track and I was running well when I approached a parting of the ways-which path? The mountain lion blocking my way to the right made my decision easy-I escaped with only minor flesh wounds and carried on down a desolate path. It was quiet, very quiet.No runners or marshals,or even arrows but the path was a good one with no further decisions to be made. After many miles I met a man who directed me back the way I had come and I was pleased to find the arrows guiding my path had returned. I was somewhat weak from the attack of the lion pack(there were at leat 6 of them I remember distinctly) when the path began to ascend through deep mud and I reached the top of the climb some hours later. I could now see the descent to the finish….of the first leg. I skipped down the path, narrowly avoiding a pit of snakes….My return to the finish is somewhat shrouded in uncertainty but I distinctly remember being befreinded by a pack of wolves and dragged on a litter composed of my vest and some large leaves. Finally I arrived at the ford and I struggled across the river to the finish. I had travelled many hundreds of miles and suffered much but my companions appeared less than sympathetic to my exertions. I had however completed the quest and the medallions were ours.” Readers may note some incosistencies in the account but they must adress these to the author. On the Ponty Roadents!