July Handicap Race Results 2014

July Handicap Results

1st Ruth Caddy 53.56, 2nd Sian Khalil 44.10, 3rd Paul Graham 33.18, 4th Phil George 44.48, 5th Ceri-anne Davies 36.10, 6th Douglas Reid 32.34, 7th Stephanie Davies 41.51, 8th Clara Evans 32.46, Samuel Jody Richards 30.56, 10th Julian Davies 33.19,11th Angela LewisKathryn Stoate 46.25, 12th Billy Hayton 32.31, 13th Maria Ioannou 47.36, 14th Gareth ? 36.41, 15th Steve Hooper 33.39, 16th Andrew Baker 32.45, 17th Jo Gwynne 60.15, 18th Justin Jones, 19th Leanne, 20th Rhian Durham 43.11, 21st Steve Segan 44.03, 22nd Geoff Jones 38.43, 23rd Adam ? 39.20, 24th Bridgette Griffiths 50.32, 25th Neil new ? 39.39, 26th Laurence Pole 35.49, 27th Nikki Dowell 36.28,28th Charlyne Bourion 41.38, 29th Laura Pinney 61.01

Well done to Ruth Caddy on her first win and to everyone who took part.
Some great pbs
Paul Graham is taking the handicap by storm and with another 3rd place finish in yet another big pb he has set a tough target for anyone to beat him to the title.
That said we still have five more races to go, so it’s still anyone’s to win.