January Handicap Race

Right then…… Tonights handicap, cracking finish with around 5 in contention with 100m to go; 1st Russell Bown 40.40 2nd Geoff Jones 38.20 3rd Stephanie Davies (unknown) 4th Paul Graham 39.32… 5th Elaine Ferguson 35.45 6th Kristie O’Connell 35.52 7th Sean O’Connor 35.00 8th Sheryl Rakei 41.54 9th Steve Segan 44.42 10th Douglas Reid 32.4 11th Billy Hayton 34.06 12th Rhian Durham 43.30 (approx) 13th Neil Williams 37.40 14th Darren Bishop 33.19 15th Sam 34.59 16th Carl Edwards 37.33 17th Warren Tilke 40.32 18th Laurence Pole 34.45 19th Nikki Dowell 35.34 20th Nick Denny 36.29
well done everybody, cracking results there again