Handicap Results For April 2012

Handicap Race Times 2012

Well done to Ceri-Anne Davies who won this months Race.

15pts Ceri-Anne Davies 35.55, 14pts Jan Edwards 39.15, 13pts Alex 37.36, 12pts Nick Frost 30.06, 11pts Stephanie Davies 43.29, 10pts Peter Coles 29.30, 9pts Carl Edwards 37.57, 8pts Phil Meyler 33.46, 7pts Andy Davies 37.59, 6pts, Justin Jones 38.42, 5pts Rhodri Evans 33.49, 4pts Nick Pounder 37.59, 3pts Debbie Otley 43.11, 2pts Julian Davies 35.22.

Well done to Ffion and her sister for taking part also Kristie who will be back for the next one.

We have another eight races before the end of the year, we had 15 members taking part this month therefore the winner scores 15pts second scored 14pts and so on, over the next eight races members will score points depending where they finish in the race, so every position counts.

Your best five scores will go towards your final points total. (Only paid up members can score)

Who will be crowned the overall Handicap Champion. Remember you have to be in it to win it.