February handicap results

elaine sutherland 46.54, steph davies 45.50, andy dunscombe 42.50, debbie otley 42.31,lee sutherland 41.29, jan edwards 41.26,

kristy 39.24, finoa davies 39.17, andy davies 39.15, brian gough 38.53, rob ford 38.47, carl edwards 38.44, will denny 38.38,

justin jones 38.37, huw durham 37.15, gwyn lloyd 37.10, neil williams 36.58, nick pounder 36.54, nick denny 36.38, jack 36.30,

anthony cullaine 34.40, julian davies 33.29, ross 32.23, justin 32.19, nick frost 32.00, peter coles 30.19

coco DNF, kelly and rhodri no official times as they did not get back to the start (approx 34-35 mins) , dan bodman 29.45

I must say that the  times worked out by Andy was not that far off, next handicap run will take place

in march, date to be confirmed and times altered accordingly, to ensure that as many members as possible will be

finishing on the estate at the same time.