February Handicap 2012

A good turn out with 26 taking part

There were some fine performances Nick Pounder won the race with a new PB, Kyle Davies has now moved into the elite category improving yet again with a low 30 Minute time.

Ffion Davies also improved with a big PB.

1st Nick Pounder 36.10, 2nd Ffion Davies 37.17, 3rd Kyle Davies 30.31, 4th Rhian Durham 43.45, 5th Sean O’connor 34.05, 6th Clara Evans 33.24, 7th Stephanie Davies 42.31, 8th Simon Pritchard 37.01, 9th Gareth RobertsĀ  42.55, 10th Anthony Cullinane 33.46, 11th Will Denny 34.27, 12th Andy Baker 34.46, 13th Darren Bishop 32.48, 14th Rhodri Evans 33.20, 15th Jan Edwards 39.39, 16th Rob Ford 39.17, 17th Debbie Otley, 18th Paul Williams 36.53, 19th Carl Edwards 38.33, 20th Nick Denny 35.25, 21st Peter Coles 30.02, 22nd Hannah Fowler 47.53, 23rd Warren Tilke 42.43, 24th Steve Segan 44.15, 25th Sam Ryall 34.30, 26th Nigel Pearce 45.20