December Handicap Race

1st Paul Graham 41.05, 2nd Clara Evans 35.07, 3rd Sheryl Rakei 40.53, 4th Phil Thomas 33.06, 5th Ruth Cochran 51.00, 6th Kyle Davies 30.33, 7th Laurence Pole 33.32, 8th Nick Pounder 37.16, 9th Bea Lovegrove 46.51, 10th Steve Segan 44.32, 11th Ceri-anne Davies 38.41, 12th Maria Ioannou 47.11, 13th Katherine Sheppard 47.11, 14th Neil Williams 38.10
Support runners Andy Davies, Phil Meyler

Well what a climax to this years Handicap Races.
Sheryl Rakei needed to finish in 3rd place to share the title with Kyle Davies.
And after working so hard all the way around Sheryl did it, but then it was a waiting game to see if Kyle would finish in the top eight and he did it finishing in 6th.
So it’s congratulations to Kyle who is this years Handicap Race Champion.

The Handicap Top five finishers
1st Kyle Davies 1-3-3-5-6=18 2nd Sheryl Rakei 3-3-3-5-6=20 3rd Simon Pritchard 3-5-6-6-6=26… 4th Darren Bishop 2-4-7-8-12=33 5th Douglas Reid 2-3-3-8-19=35