Club Presentation Awards 2015

Road Race Championship

Ladies Division B

1st Sian Khalil

2nd Angela Lewis

3rd Bea Lovegrove-Owen

Ladies Division A

1st Clara Evans

2nd Stephanie Davies

3rd Claire Maksimovic

Mens B Division

1st Chris Rothwell

2nd Neil Fitzgerald

3rd Adam Bebb

Mens A Team

1st Paul Graham

2nd Laurence Pole

3rd Phil Thomas


Ladies Off Road Championship

1st Clara Evans

2nd Bea Lovegrove-Owen

3rd Elaine Ferguson


Mens Off Road Championship

1st Sam Ryall

2nd Paul Graham

3rd Laurence Pole


Chairmans Award

Sean O’Connor

Andy Davies


Handicap Race Championship

1st Geoff Jones 15pts

2nd Billy Hayton 20pts

3rd Sam Richards 25pts

4th Justin Phillips 31pts (best finish 3rd)

5th Mike Smith 31pts (best finish 4th)

Top Handicap Racer

Sam Richards who did all twelve races.


Most Improved Ruuners


Winner Clara Evans Runner Up Jo Gwynne


Winner Paul Graham Runner Up Mike Gwynne


Club Person of the year as voted on the night by the members Andy Davies

30 year Service Award Gwyn Lloyd