Club Notice Race Transfers

Pontypridd Roadents AC

Dear Member,
Following our recent committee meeting held on Tuesday 01st November 2016, the following was discussed with regards the transferring or selling on of race entries:
• Unless the race organiser allows number transfers the practice of passing on or selling numbers will not be endorsed by Pontypridd Athletics AC.
• If an individual is proven to have carried out this practice then they will be called in front of the committee and asked to account for their actions, potentially resulting in points being deducted from their championship scores.
As we are all affiliated to the Welsh Athletics and the Welsh Athletics Association is part of the UKA if any member of our club is seen to carry out this practice it could potentially have a financial impact against us, not to mention having our reputation tarnished.
Below are a few of the rules we could be seen to breach if this practice continues.
Race entries.
Rule 125.5, 145.2, 162.5 – improper conduct of athlete and club
Rule 146 S1 – misconduct relating to competition
Rule 230.8 – Race Safety; General
Rule 240.7 – Road Race Safety
Thank you for taking the time to read and understand the situation regards this matter.

Carl Edwards
Pontypridd Roadents AC.