Club July Handicap Race 2013

Well done to everyone who took part in Julys Handicap Race. This months winner was Debbie Otley who managed to hold off a fast finishing group behind her. In second was Alex Sebury who managed to go under 32 finishing in 31.59 in third was Phil Meyler 34.06, 4th Darren Bishop 31.07, 5th Peter Coles 30.43, 6th Simon Pritchard 35.20, 7th Justin Jones 39.21, 8th Andy Davies 38.06, 9th Rhodri Evans 34.27, 10th William Denny 35.36, 11th Nick Denny 36.06, 12th Andrew Baker 34.15, 13th Hannah Fowler 46.29, 14th Nicholas James Pounder 39.13, 15th Sophie Hedges 43.47, 16th Sara Morgan 46.50, 17th Sheryl  Rakei 41.37, 18th Laurence Pole 38.10, 19th Gwyn Lloyd 40.29, 20th Rhys Steel 42.08. Support runners were Ceri-Anne Davies and Jason Scanlon, Nick Frost put in a practise run of 35.15