Club Handicap Update

I will post the full Handicap Rules in the next few days.

To give everyone a guide, you have to be a fully paid up member to score points in the Handicap, also you should be able to give me a recent race time, if not you will be fitted into the handicap but the first one will be to give us an idea how your running, you will then score in the following Handicap race.

Here is the update on our first race.

Ross, Andy Baker 50pts, Eddie Ball, Corie Watkins, Steve Hooper 49pts, Kristie Oconnell, Nick Pounder 48pts, Justin Jones 47pts, Laurence Pole 46pts, Rob Phillips 45pts, Sheryl, CoCo DNF. 

The starting order for the Handicap is ready, if you dont have a race time please try and do a park run.

And dont forget you have to be a fully paid up member to score. For any more information get in touch.