Club Handicap Race 1 Results Thursday 31st March 2011

There will be four races run between March and June, There will be a prize for the winner of each race and an overall champion of the series.

There will be points for each race depending where you finish and your best three scores will be counted at the end of the series.

It seems lots of members stayed away and missed our first race, well done to everyone who took part.

Thank you to the members who stopped to help CoCo in his hour of need, this effected the finishing order.

RACE 1 Results- Winner Ross-33.39 50pts, Andy Baker-32.44 49pts, Eddie Ball-31.41 48pts, Corie Watkins-47pts, Steve Hooper-32.14 46 pts, Kristie Oconnell-45pts, Nick Pounder-44pts, Justin Jones-44.45 43 pts, Laurence Pole-42 pts, Rob Phillips-46.35 41 pts, Sheryl-46.35 41 pts. CoCo DNF.