Club Handicap Race May

Congratulations to Charlie Smith on winning this months Handicap. There were lots of improvers notebly Darren Bishop dropping to 30 minutes, well done to everyone.

1st Charlie Smith 42.39, 2nd Darren Bishop 30.52, 3rd Dougie Reid 33.02, 4th Andy Baker 32.05, 5th Sheryl Reki 41.10, 6th Rhys Steel 41.04, 7th Phil Meyler 34.42, 8th Nick Denny 34.46, 9th Laurence Pole 35.43, 10th Simon Pritchard 35.41, 11th Sophie Hedges 43.13, 12th Stephanie DaviesĀ  43.25, 13th Steve Hooper 32.54, 14th Catrin Davies 39.41, 15th Gwyn Lloyd 38.28, 16th Steve Segan 44.15, 17th Andy Davies 37.51, 18th Will Denny 35.55, 19th Paul Graham 38.49, 20th Hywel Jones 37.59, 21st Ffion Davies 37.57.

Othersjust jogging around were Alex Sebury, Clara Evans, Heidi Williams and Stuart.