Cardiff Half Marathon 2011

There were 10812 finishers.

Peter Coles 28th 1-14-11 1st Vet 45,  Jason Scanlon 43rd 1-16-50, Nick Frost 191st 1-25-08, Rhodri Evans 234th 1-26-13, Laurence Pole 1-31-00, Brian Gough 938th 1st Vet 70, 1-36-59, Huw Durham 973rd 1-37-23, Anthony Cullinane 1690th 1-42-58, Fiona Davies 1754th 3rd Vet 55 1-43-32, Nick Pounder 2401st 1-47-32, Russell Brown 2680th 1-49-13,  A N Other 3516th 1-53-42. Elaine Sutherland 6041st 2-06-30, Dean Birt 6244th 2-07-39, Hannah Fowler 7351st 2-14-02, Helen Welch 7647th 2-16-03.

I have searched the results upto page 71 hopefully I haven’t missed anyone. If I have let me know.

It seems that some runners have run on somebodys number, so some names may be wrong, again feel free to let me know so that I can update the results.