August Handicap Race Results

Another great turn out with 23 runners taking part.

Steve Hooper remains in the lead with 45 pts but very close behind we have Catrin Davies 43 pts, Stephanie Davies 43 pts, Ffion Davies 41 pts, Nick Frost 39 pts, Justin Jones 38 pts, Peter Coles 37 pts, Phil Meyler 37 pts.

Nick Pounder was on 10 pts but after yesterdays win he has jumped upto 33 pts.

So nobody can predict the winner come December, it’s all to play for in the next four races.

1st nick pounder 38.38, 2nd warren tilke 40.14, 3rd catrin davies 41.13, 4th andy baker 35.10, 5th alex sebury 34.08, 6th sean 35.50, 7th steve seagan 43.57, 8th steph davies 44.05, 9th phil meylor 32.42, 10th ffion davies 38.24, 11th sean o connor 34.25, 12th sheryl reiki 44.26, 13th justin jones 37.25, 14th nick frost 37.25, 15th jason scanlon 37.25, 16th kristy o connel 39.30, 17th steve hooper 32.08, 18th nick denny 33.57, 19th peter coles 29.48, 20th john hatfield 46.50, 21st dan bodman 30.31, 22nd tom daley 36.41, 23rd paul lynch 42.04.

Handicap Race Times 2012(1)

Tables after 5 races